Conscious Connected Breathwork


What is Breath Work?

Breath Work is a healing art that utilizes a conscious, connected breathing technique which allows you to journey within yourself to increase the flow of energy throughout your body. Breath Work is an active meditation that allows the mind to slow the incessant chatter of thoughts by entering an altered state of consciousness, and experiencing a deeper sense of connection and love. This self exploration tool enhances overall awareness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit connection while releasing stored tension held within the Body. 

Our Breath is our connection to Life.  When we experience any type of pain, tension, negative thoughts, or trauma, our breathing tends to become shallow and restricted. This keeps us in the Fight & Flight response! We begin to form holding patterns and it is represented in the way we breathe and in our body's posture. These defense mechanisms form a protective armor around us that shield our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a truly authentic way.. 

With Breath Work you are not only are getting more oxygen into your cells and tissues, you are getting an opportunity to peek into parts of your subconscious mind. This is where our memories, repressed feelings, and limited belief patterns live.  Just like our muscles have a memory, so too do our cells. Every experience we have the joy of breathing through is stored in our cellular memory.  Most all of us hold our breath during stressful situations and intense experiences, and have an open, full breath when we are happy and relaxed. 


It's time to let go...

Ask yourself...

"How often am I in a  constant state of..."







Ask yourself another question...

"Am I relating to the Thought/Belief that.."

the world is out to get me?

I always have to be in control?

I feel helpless or not good enough?

I always get hurt, manipulated, abandoned, or rejected? 

I have to struggle to get ahead in life?

Is there enough for me?

Ok, one more question..

Are you...? 

Afraid to express/receive Love?

Sabotaging yourself?

Numbing out with Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, or any other addictive methods?

Afraid to be touched physically?

emotionally unavailable?

If you are experiencing any of these Mind & Body states, you are likely very Human. Congratulations! Welcome to Earth School where we get to feel joy, rage, elation, and trepidation all within the same hour!

Sure, these painful thought-feelings are not the greatest for you, and may leave you in a perpetual state of pessimism, surrounded by extremely toxic friends, and waking up from a blackout in jail from a night of drunken debauchery.

I know I am not the only one that has happened to. 

Can you tell my sense of humor survived my multiple rock bottom episodes?

What I am humorously attempting to share with you is that you don't have to live out any more of those self limiting behaviors and defense mechanisms anymore. There is another way. 

It's time you learned the Power of yourself through the power of your Breath. 

Your natural state of Emotional Being could actually be Lighthearted, Happy, Playful, and Brave. Sprinkle in some hard work, overcoming some challenging, mental hurdles at times, all the while maintaining a pretty decent attitude of gratitude makes for a well rounded, adventuresome Life experience.  We all experience trauma throughout our lives at one point or another. We grieve. We cry. We don't grieve, or don't cry. Some of us may have thousands of unexpressed tears just waiting to fall. Others may have thousands of unexpressed screams waiting to howl.

We don't get to escape pain and suffering, we get to develop a more resilient perspective and choose how we respond to situations. 

So, here it is. The Call to Action you've been waiting for. It's time you learned the power of yourself through the power of your Breath. 

Are you ready to take your next step to Self Mastery & Self Healing?


Rejuvenate You...

Breath Work is a powerful tool to amplify what you do want in life, and gently release what is no longer serving you. Conscious, Connected Breath  sessions allow you to become more in touch with your true, authentic self. We all have an inner healer that knows exactly what we need and is always in perfect timing. You will experience more self esteem, empowerment, and gain courage to begin living your ideal life every moment. 

A Breath Work session consists of us discussing your intentions for the session. You will be laying down, while music is being played in the background. You will breathe in a faster than normal breathing rhythm for about 45 minutes, and I will be there guiding you the whole time. You will get to explore deep integration from a space of silence and relaxation. These sessions last about 90-120 minutes. 

Each Breath Work session, whether it is your first one or tenth one, is unique and the experience is different for each person, each time.  

Other advantages to Conscious, Connected Breathing sessions:

* feelings of Abundance, openness, and connection

* having more vibrant, physical energy

* more authentic relationships

* increased overall sensations and mind-blowing orgasms!

* increased self image

* Courage to face inner challenges

* increase in psychic awareness

* freedom from stuck, stagnant energies

* enhanced personal connection to your Mind, Body, and Innate, Divine Intelligence

Breath Work is a very experiential, Self Care tool that will give you all the permission you need to become the best YOU possible. You just have to show up and be willing to learn how to Empower yourself in a new way. 

It is my highest Honor to serve you and your journey to Self Mastery.

The beauty of your Breath Work session with me is that you get to learn how powerful you are through acceptance and Self Love as you gently release all of your old stories and attachments.