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Hi there, I am Shelly Willett !

I love being a Breathwork Facilitator, an intuitive empath, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Healer who weaves the methods of Rebirthing and Therapuetic Breathwork into my own unique approach of Integration Consciousness.  I imagine a world where Breathwork is available to everyone, and where people are able to integrate all of their emotional experiences and lead more authentic lives.  My passion is to inspire people to empower themselves with Breathwork to increase conscious awareness. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I incorporate breath work into my energy work and massage therapy practice in St. Louis. 

Shelly has been called "The Practitioner's Practitioner."

Shelly is the quintessential example of how Breathwork has the ability to radically change a person's life. In less than a year's time with her daily breathwork practice, she altered her subconscious programming and healed several addictions to chemical dependencies and past patterns of beliefs formed from childhood trauma. Her life contract was to experience extremes of Near Death by failing at suicide as a teenager to becoming an embodied facilitator of consciousness.

Breath Mamma is a Spiritual mentor with the ability to create a safe container for people to unlearn all of the limiting beliefs their own mammas taught them, and to learn to re-parent themselves from a place of self awareness. She intuitively unites Breathwork, visualization, and self mastery for a more holistic approach as a consciousness accelerator.

"Our breath is the direct connection to our Divinity within. As we merge our Human Self and Divine Self together we will begin to change the world as we know it. This is the new and only way of Being. With Courage & Trust, your Breath will get you there." ~ Shelly


Wellness Experience

Shelly is a student of Life. She is compassionate in assisting people to question all of their belief systems and seek out their own answers from deep within themselves.  Her client success stories reflect this ability. She has an ever expanding toolbox to pull resources from, and she intuitively knows which tools are best for the task at hand. 


Active Coaching

Breath Mamma has a generous list of fun and not so fun at the time, life experiences that allows her to be your unique, out of the box Consciousness Coach. Her ability to listen to your story and help you find where your limiting beliefs and patterns of wounding are have proven invaluable.

She is able to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to access your own inner healer. 

In your one on one session, Shelly uses both modalities of massage therapy and Breath Work in St. Louis, MO. 

During our World Pause

Online Classes via Zoom

I am offering all modalities online

 * 1-on-1 Breathwork sessions

* Group Therapeutic BreathWork

* Self Massage Techniques & Breath Meditation

* Vagus Nerve toning class

I look forward to co-creating with you at this time. 

Big Love. ~ Shelly


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You are invited to explore how your breath is your greatest personal growth tool that you have. 

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